In an appearance at the Council of Europe (CoE), Cares Project founder and director, Jonas Burgheim, laid the basis for stakeholder content discussions during a “Workshop on the possible revision of the European Sports Charter”. As final step of the related mandate and upon invitation by the CoE, Jonas Burgheim, presented the core findings and recommendations from an Analysis and Recommendations Report. Sport Cares had drawn up this expert review for the CoE Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) as part of a multi-month assignment. While the presentation constitued the core initial agenda item, it laid the ground for a day of expert discussions on the European Sports Charter (ESC) review process.

The Report was based upon an initial impact assessment of the ESC previously delivered by Sport Cares. With its content analysis of the existing ESC and substantial recommendations for a revised Charter version, it provided tailor-made input for the review process. Mr Burgheim’s presentation was met with appreciation and contributed to an informed discourse during this first-of-a-kind stakeholder workshop as part of the ESC review.

The event was held at the Brussels Jacques Delors Building on 11 September, 2019, in participation of government, international sports and civil society organisations, representatives of other interest groups, and experts from the sport policy field.