As part of his Sport Cares mandate and upon invitation by the Council of Europe (CoE), Cares Project founder and director, Jonas Burgheim, delivered a presentation at the organisation’s headquarters in Strasbourg, France, on 6 June, 2019.

The presentation summed up the results of an impact assessment of the European Sports Charter which the CoE Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) had commissioned to Sport Cares among other tasks. In the weeks preceding the presentation, the impact assessment had been conducted in form of a quantitative online survey hosted on the Cares Project web site and by means of qualitative telephone interviews.

At the Council of Europe, Jonas Burgheim provided member states and EPAS Consultative Committee members with a summary of findings from the impact assessment. He also made first recommendations for a potential ESC content review in the future, upon which Sport Cares will elaborate further in a detailed analysis report as a second part of the assignment.