Major German radio outlet Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DLF Kultur) aired a half-hour feature “Nachspiel” (English approximation: “Extra Time”) on Human Rights in Sport today (please click here to listen to the full episode). The feature discussed basic ins and outs just like the relevance of human rights in sport. It included a range of expert voices on the theme.

Jonas Burgheim, founder and director of the Cares Project, was among the contributors to the feature. A consultant for major actors in the German discourse on human rights in sport, including the German Football Federation (DFB) and the German athletes’ representation Athleten Deutschland e.V., Burgheim is a regular on the theme. He has also published on it repeatedly.

In case you are interested in more details with regard to the nexus of human rights and sport and/or the work of the Cares Project, please contact us here.