As tasked by independent German athletes’ representation body Athleten Deutschland e.V., the Cares Project has conducted a human rights risk assessment. The highly specialised assessment focused on the diverse human rights risks which athletes’ can be exposed to. At the same time, it accorded due attention to the direct and indirect impacts which organised professional sport can have on human rights of other right holders. As a basis for the assessment, a stakeholder analysis was conducted next to a thorough review of the related sport policy discourse and select recent court decisions on human rights in sport.

Results of the assessment were provided to Athleten Deutschland e.V. in a written report, which can serve as a basis for the future work of the organisation in this field. As an important part of this, major policy developments were analysed with regard to their future impact on sporting organisations. According to the author, it can well be expected that there will be an increasing relevance of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) in the nearer future. As a result of this, core findings from the assessment are likely to become relevant for other key actors in sport.

In case of your interest in a similar specialised review and/or our expertise with regard to the implementation of the UNGP in your organisation, please contact the Cares Project here.