GreenBuzz, a Berlin-based NGO working toward sustainability on the regional and international level, invited Cares Project Founder and Director, Jonas Burgheim, to contribute to a public discussion event as a speaker. The aim of the organisation is to foster discourse between research, education, practitioners and an interested public. Building an active community and, thereby, making the city more sustainable is GreenBuzz’ declared intention.

In his intervention, Jonas Burgheim addressed the interrelation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human rights. His claim was to accord a greater focus to the human rights aspects embedded in the SDGs as part of the implementation process. This was based on the fact that the large majority of the SDG targets in fact carry human rights references, a major step forward from the preceding Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Business and their responsible conduct were identified as being paramount to achieving successful SDG implementation during an active discussion following Mr Burgheim’s intervention.

Further contributors to the event were Mr Kai Philipp Schinck, Policy Advisor to the chair of the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Sustainable Development of the German Bundestag, and Ms Victoria Leonhardt, Operations Manager for ShareTheMeal (World Food Programme), the first official app against global hunger.

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